About Us

Old Florida Bee Company is the culmination of one boy’s journey that began at 13 years of age. It has taken hard work, failures, and triumphs to get to where we are 15 years later. personal sacrifice, along with the teaching, experiences, and wisdom of other influential individuals has helped Jeremy mold Old Florida Bee Company into a business to be proud of. Jeremy, with the help of his wife Sarah, look forward to what the future holds. At Old Florida Bee we remember and appreciate those who have guided us and look forward to passing on our knowledge and experiences to others.

When you make a purchase from Old Florida Bee Company you can rest assured that you are buying direct from your local beekeeper. Our honey comes straight from our busy hives to your homes. We strive to live our lives the way the bees do by working hard and working together with those around us. So love the bees and love honey.

What They Say About Us

Old School Florida guy here! Love your Orange Blossom (classic)! I appreciate a local product as well.

Robert Allan

What They Say About Us

My favorite honey!! Local and all natural.

Brittany Philbin

What They Say About Us

I bought the orange blossom and palmetto honey at Detweilers. I make a cup tonic every morning with fresh lemon juice, Braggs apple cider vinegar, sometimes fresh ginger and your yummy honey in warm water. It’s so delicious and your honey is top notch. I buy the large jar. I love it, thank you!

Renee Cochran